Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Disney Land

David took Laurie and Alice to Universal Studios while we were in LA – paid extra and did the VIP tour, got to see lots o interesting things on the back-lots, went into the props rooms, onto the sound stage, and saw various shows being taped. They had to leave by 8 and fight LA traffic so they got there by 11, and would not be home before 10 that night. So what else would a girl do, left alone in a RV park only 4 blocks from Disneyland, with an autistic child for company?

So Julian and I went to Disneyland on the tandem. Parked it in the bike rack at the entrance, bought our tickets from the guest services window, and went to City Hall to get our Special Guest Pass, which meant we could go through the exit for a number of attractions and rides, and not have to wait in line too much.

I had purposely done a few chores before taking him, knowing it was going to be a long day and that he may only have a few hours in him at Disney, and that I could be in trouble with him when we got home. So it was about 11 when we arrived, not too many people around still. First problem – finding a bathroom where I could take him – there was only one in the whole park which was not “male’ or “female”. We had to go to the first aide station where we could use the “family” bathroom. The women there were fabulous – very tolerant of Julian even when on our third visit he got a bit excited at the sight of the clock on the wall, and ran through the “ward” of resting folk bouncing his ball and squealing to get to it. They gave him candy and water, and welcomed us back the fourth and fifth time (of course, once he got candy for going to the bathroom, he was very keen to go back – often!)

Julian has never really clicked into Disney, but he sure clicked into DisneyLand! Movement, music, lights, colors, and because I was hoping to stay as long as possible, lots of treats, like the Doritos he is not allowed to have anymore because he makes such a mess with them. He took a liking to a couple of rides – like the monorail, the train, and the sky rocket thing, but did not like the roller coaster even though he asked to go on it twice. Hated it the first time and refused to get on it the second time.

End of the day, he did not want to go home – but at 8 we mounted our bike, and headed through the Maccas drive-through for dinner – then back to camp. Big crash in bed for both of us – and all tired the next day.

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Good luck on your adventures!