Sunday, August 26, 2007

Home Again

Well, we made it home, flew home from San Francisco. The last day was pretty hectic, had to sell off the last of our stuff, gave a lot away, threw away too much for my liking - seemed like such a waste to me! Then we were boxing up the bikes, and getting the car organized to come back on the back of the truck. We were running a little late and the traffic was bad, so we were getting a little stressed. Ended up dropping Laurie and all of our bags off at the airport, and Alice, Julian and I went with David to drop the car off 15 miles away. The car yard people were great, but it took a lot longer than expected, and after an hour we were getting increasingly anxious calls from Laurie, who eventually sat with our bags for three hours. What a great kid!

Flight from San Fran took ages - we left at 10:45pm, and the flight was pretty uneventful. Unexpectedly, Julian traveled really well, and actually slept. Great for us in many ways, apart from the discomfort of perching on the 6 inches at the front of the seats that he left Alice and I. Laurie sat up all night watching movies and playing games, Alice slept a little but not much - Julian kicked her every time he rolled over. David and I dozed - sometimes!

As we got near JFK however, there was a summer fog, and the airport was closed. We circled for about an hour, then had to head off to Connecticut to refuel. Sat on the runway there for an hour or two, the crew passed out water and granola bars (first food for 10 hours!) then headed back to New York.

Anyway, great to sleep in our own beds last night, met two families who have moved into our street while we were away. Today we spent the time checking emails, doing some shopping (we are car-less for the next week or so) and catching up on unpacking, mail, and laundry. Emails from work, mail from the kids schools, and bills to pay, so reality is intruding at a rapid pace.

Thanks to all the people who have responded to our blog and kept in touch. Look forward to seeing all you Aussies in January. And all you yanks, we have a spare room in our house and lots of room in our hearts to see you when you come to visit

The Vealygoods!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Vealygoods, so your back already!
where U been guys?
Remember u cant travel without stress sometimes, X 2 when kids on board.
What an adveture youve had, dont forget to back up the photos

we went to Sydney last weekend, Inge had a habitat day, sponsored by her work, so i flew up to meet her, stayed in YHA, met up with cousin Leslie, walked around Palm beach, the rocks, caught a few ferries in great 28 deg. weather, rather hot this time of year.
Back at skool now waiting for the hols in 3 weeks time, skool camp starts today, first one im not going to in 20 years.

gotta a meeting now see ya
cheers Rotten