Sunday, August 19, 2007

Six Degrees of Separation

Have run into a number of Aussies, including a couple from Ulladulla who have like a time share in an RV, and come over to the states every year, traveling around for about 8 weeks each time. Sounds like a great life! Another couple we met are on a round the world trip, and will be visiting us in New York next week as they pass through on the way to Europe.

We decided to head for Lake Tahoe, because it was only 4 hours out of our way, and we had been told it was beautiful. The KOA there is very pretty and was not affected by the fires which came through here a week or two ago. We got to talking to some English folk who parked their RV next to our tent, and found out they were from Sutton Coldfield in England, which is where my dad was born and grew up, and that the husband went to Bishop Vesey’s, which is Dad’s old school. Talk about a small world!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Veallygoods, hope u have taken many photos, i will be checking when U get back! we are having a PJ party at skool tomorrow, how much fun is that? the kids will be neurotic!
keep up the good travelling tips, i like the idead of the couple in the RV for 8 weeks, that may be us soon
cheers rotten