Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Buckeye Fever

Our first stop on the trip - Ohio. We were very impressive, got away by 6 (we had hoped for 5) and had to turn back only once. 8 hours on the road is a real challenge for us - the kids start chewing each other out after about 4, so we just kept throwing food at them in the back seat, but we were releived to get here just after 2. Didn't get lost either!

It was great to see Bill and Anna, our friends from Columbus, again, and it was a very social time! I think we have both put on about 5 pounds! Alice enjoyed her time with Mary, although they suddenly realized there was going to be an endpoint of their time together. But we refuse to say goodbye, it was more a case of "see you soon." I think both the Costellos and the Veals will be putting their pennies in the jar to get those plane tickets to Australia...

Ohio-an mosquitos love Australians - and give us an interesting reaction. I still have big welts on my legs from them. They didn't bite the others though - just me...

Next stop Chicago.

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