Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Chicago, Chicago...

It's my kinda town -

Well, we are in Chicago - actually about 30 miles north west of there. Yesterday we went into town on the train - very cheap because of the "Taste of Chicago" festival, and the fireworks. Actually, our $5 a head got us a 2 day return pass from the closest station, which is at Crystal Lake. Once we got into town, (1 and a half hours!) there were free trolleys to take us all around the city to any of the many tourist sites there. So, general consensus, Chicago is lovely in summer, but would suck in winter!

We had a quick visit to Navy Peir, and wandered to the end before heading back to the top for lunch at Bubba Gumps. I would have liked to go on the tall ship tour of the harbour, but David rightly reminded me that julian would be just as likely to jump over board, so what looked like it could be a relaxing trip could turn into a nightmare!

Next stop (via the trolley) was Hard Rock - this is our 18th Hard Rock around the world, and subsequently, Alice's 18th Hard Rock teddy bear, Laurie's 18th Hard Rock t-shirt (his uniform for school) and my 18th Hard Rock pin. David has only 12 Hard Rock drum sticks, because we did not start collecting until we got to Philadelphia for the second time.

Then off to Millenium Park where we saw this amazing sculpture which the locals call "the Bean." Julian was captivated by the reflections from this and we got some great photos. Also caught some street theatre (always a favorite with the kids, although we got so spoiled last summer in Canada!) and then fought the crowds coming in for the fire works (remember this is 4th of July - we keep forgetting) to get home again.

Today, a lazy day. Rained last night, so we had some drying off to do, and tomorrow we head off for a 2 day drive to Souix Falls. So, tomorrow, pack up, and drive (4 hours) then set up our tents again.

More to come...

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