Friday, July 6, 2007

Ol' Man Miss

Unexpectedly (well, we didn't really look at rivers while planning, only roads) we got to dabble our toes in the Mississippi River yesterday. Even right up north in southern Wisconsin, crossing over to Minnesota, it is pretty impressive - as big and wide as we expected. I have a little rock from its shores - wonder if David will let me pack it!

Spent last night in a campground off the I90 (which we have been following for quite a few days now) - very pretty little rural community. Went for a bike ride first thing this morning, and found a little cemetary, with stones dating back to the early 1800's. Squirrels darting about, the odd rabbit, the sun coming up over the cornfields. We are in Little House on the Priarie country - there is a turnoff to Walnut Grove about 80 miles up the road, which I am going to try to persuade David to take.

Next stop Sioux Falls, where we actually get to stay for three days. Time to catch up with downloading some photos, and working out how to get them on this site.

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